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Aries Mar 21 - Apr Taurus Apr 21 - May Gemini May 21 - Jun Cancer Jun 21 - Jul Leo Jul 23 - Aug Virgo Aug 23 - Sep Libra Sep 22 - Oct Scorpio Oct 21 - Nov Sagittarius Nov 21 - Dec Capricorn Dec 22 - Jan Aquarius Jan 22 - Feb Pisces Feb 19 - Mar There's something about the retro vibe of a high-waisted suit that calls to Taurus women.

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It's tried-and-true, universally flattering, and shows no signs of falling out of favor. With the twins as your symbol, it makes perfect sense that you'd be drawn to a two-for-one situation.

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Shop for a suit that easily doubles as a top, wearing it with cutoffs or a maxiskirt just as you would an actual blouse. When it comes to style, you like stepping outside the box just a footstep or so.

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As such, consider mixing and matching separates for a bold color combination; keep the shapes basic to remain in comfortable territory. As someone who's always game for something unexpected, your summertime suit needs an accent that will stand out. Look for one that's bold and statement-making—an oversized bow perhaps? The resurgence of the one piece has been stylish news to your ears, Virgo.

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It provides more coverage than an itsy-bitsy bikini and is smart in case a casual beach afternoon turns athletic vigorous beach volleyball game, anyone? Plus, Taylor Swift's a fan. In any iteration, skinny stripes are a wardrobe classic. A sleek bikini done in the linear look will have a home in your vacation suitcase for years to come and works for lounging in L.

In-charge Scorpio needs a suit that'll help establish style dominance at whatever pool party you find yourself at.

You can't go wrong with leopard, a print that's always been regarded as bold. The high-neck bikini top—brought into the fold along with the rise of athleisure—is made for Sags, who like to be free to do as they please no triangle tops getting in the way, please and thank you.

A monokini is your best bet, Cap. It's sensible for a wide range of beach fun, but with slashes at the waist and a wide open back, it still shows off the work you've put in toward a rocking beach bod.

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